Mini Fashion Club – Summer Program

Eligibility: Grade 8-12 students | Age Group: 12 -18 years.

Duration: summer vacations/winter vacations/short programs

Mini Club Encourages:

  • Practice and expertise over different Fashion techniques.
  • The Club is informative and full of knowledge in every aspect like in terms of bringing different traditions through hand embroiders and sewing, creativity and innovations through Hand-made fashion accessories, fabric painting etc.
  • Students will get hands on experience in the chosen module, which can improve their overall personality and confidence level.
  • Students will gain experience in designing and presentation skills while design development stage throughout the modules.
  • A short teaser and guidance for those students who want to further pursue their career in fashion stream.
  • Students will be encouraged to revive their soft skills by giving short oral /visual PPT towards the end of each module to showcase their product line based on selected themes under the guidance of our trainers.

Module Details:

Module A: Fashion sewing & Illustration Techniques

  • In this module, there will be Fashion Sewing classes for kids 12 yrs. & above combines all the elements of design such as measuring, cutting fabric, using patterns and sewing machines into one fabulous course culminating in a professional fashion show! (it includes home furnishing items and wearable fashion products)
  • This module will include some tints of basic fashion illustrations too in order to encourage students to sketch their own creativity.

Module B: Fashion Hand-made Accessories

In this module students will be introduced to basic hand needles and thread and they will be making beautiful accessories like hand bag/keychain/neck piece/bracelets/fun utility products etc.

Each product will be guided with the method of fun cum learning method and professional staff will be there to take care of the safety measures for enrolled kids.

All accessories will be done using simple sewing hacks and mostly felt fabric will be used to make different products as it is very handy, comfortable and fun for kids.

Module C: Hand Embroideries & Fabric painting

In this module students will be introduced to basic Embroidery needles and thread and they will be learning basic hand embroidery stitches. All stitches will be connected to different types of embroideries all across the world .After basic stitches practice on cotton swatches; they will be encouraged to utilize their learning onto to the live products like cushion covers, shirt, kurta, table mat etc. and similar pattern will be followed for fabric painting too.



IMB, Qatar presents exciting range of modules in mini fashion club where learners will get the insight on fashion and textile world.


Range of fun filled and learning activities will endorse the importance of this club and become the center of attraction for all the teens who really want to later peruse their career in fashion techniques like block printing, hand embroidery, basic sewing, accessories making etc.

Will catch the attention for many as for normal life also fashion has become the need of society to stand out with their distinct living style.

Eligibility: Grade 8-12 students

Age Group: 12 -18 years.

Duration: summer vacations/winter vacations/short programs

Program Details:

Mini Fashion club is a first ever Italian fashion club especially designed for young fashion lovers. This club is “A wonderful way to learn how to explore fashion sewing techniques while making wearable clothing and accessories involving various exciting techniques” like patch work, paneling, faggottig, fabric painting ,quilting etc.”

Any one or more module can be chosen by student to enroll here at IMB, Qatar center.


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