Fashion Pattern Drafting & Sewing

This course is designed to cover the foundational skills of pattern drafting using a ruler and paper, and give you the tools to take your ideas from fantasy to on the hanger. Rather than draping fabric on a form, flat pattern making is the process of plotting measurements on paper and connecting them to create two-dimensional shapes that will translate into three-dimensional garments. It’s both challenging and enormously meditative, and can be the most fun you’ll have all season 1 The curriculum will be mostly covering different basic women’s& kid’swear drafts and their stitching on original fabrics to test fit and finally the realistic mini collection of drafts they have learned throughout the course.


  • How to measure your body correctly for the most accurate fit.
  • How to use basic pattern making tools, including various styles of ruler, to create the assortment of lines for a wide range of pattern styles.
  • How to plot bust, waist and hip points and smooth out the connecting lines to make the most flattering silhouette
  • How to add volume to patterns and give them swish.
  • How to create a flawless sleeve cap for great-fitting tops.
  • How to add in seam allowances and hem allowances accurately and consistently.
  • How to alter a basic pattern block into a wider variety of styles.
  • How to sew up core styles with quick, professional techniques.

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