History and Mission

Teach fashion, teach art, teach design.

The Institute was founded by the publisher Fernando Burgo in 1961. His long and thriving experience in the area of Fashion has proven to be successfully. His commitment to share in his knowledge with each and every student interested in fashion is the result of 50 years of experience in the fashion industry. His direction enables the students to be in touch with the fashion world and all opportunities of training and work the fashion industry has to offer.

So,Now IMB Qatar is the 18th center for “Instituto De ModaBurgo”Milano,Italy, thatsignifies the place of learning where creativity and innovation starts with new ideas and concepts and embraces the new talents in the world of fashion and arts. We are committed to academic excellence in fashion and arts education. The vision of the institute embraces challenges and provides the impetus in setting highest academic and industry standards.

The Academy seeks to serve all the different nationalities and communities by offering training programs in fashion and arts. The center trains and qualifies the youth and ladies to enter the world of competition and raises their high spirit of business and ethics into the society from their learned skills.

We have developed the curriculum in a very innovative and intellect manner which will add more enthusiasm and zeal among students and raise their confidence.

We excel to emerge as a center of excellence and innovation, proactively catalyzing growth of fashion & arts business through leadership in professional education with concern for social and human values through the modern technology. Our center is categorize into two major segments: After school training programs for kids from age group -4-16yrs in arts /crafts/dance /yoga/Zumba/instruments/photography/makeup and Fashion & arts varied training programs for students above 16 yrs.

So if you really want to motive yourself to enhance your hidden skills then this is the right and best opportunity for you to enroll with us in order to embark your new beginning in pool of creations and innovations.

We prepare and trains students for careers in Fashion Design/arts for the Apparel/arts Industry globally and also conducting extra co-curricular activities for adults and kids. The international trainingcurriculum stimulates creative expression in all aspects of Fashion Design/arts, including fashion sketching, creative design, draping, sewing and pattern drafting and also provides the insight for arts &crafts through basic drawing sketching, rendering and paintings and also motivation towards creating crafts challenges. Students will understand the importance of communication and critical reasoning and the effect they have on this diversified and global industry. The training program is structured to challenge and inspire students by incorporating artistic, technical, and theoretical elements into a realistic approach to the Fashion Design/arts Industry. Also, we motivatethe emerging young talents through intensive summer/winter or after school courses for school students through activation of the concepts of arts & crafts, dance, instruments, yoga etc. in the community by holding and organizing various workshops, art & craft exhibitions & competitions in order to develop the capabilities.

IMB QATAR, Teaching Methology

The quality and speed of learning are guaranteed by the following factors:

  • Individual classes
  • Exclusive educational system.
  • Monthly Tests.
  • Dynamic faculty.
  • Limited number of students.

Our Fashion classrooms

All classrooms are fully equipped with modern tools to enable the student to learn to use the same equipment, who finds himself in the world of Fashion.