After School Courses

Dance: Western /Zumba

Dancing maintains and improves our quality of life more than any other human activity so come and join here Western and Zumba dance classes with our expert trainers:

Western Dance, along with music, has always dynamically expressed the spirit and personality of every culture. Modern western dance is part of this global language and its roots run wide and deep.

Zumba Dance, fitness program that combines Latin and international music with dance moves. Zumba routines incorporate interval training — alternating fast and slow rhythms — and resistance training

Yoga & Meditation

Do you really want to relax your body and mind then come and join here yoga & meditation classes? This section of academy deals with mental relaxation and concentration. Here, attention is focused on thoughts and breath. Being aware of breathing automatically controls the thought process and thus relaxes mind completely.

Musical Instruments

Becoming a musician starts with learning an instrument. The Foundation has a faculty of teachers who give individual and group lessons for various instruments and teach theory in groups. Besides musicality, lessons also help children develop a sense of discipline, concentration and social skills. Our this section deals with teaching various instruments like keyboard, violin, guitar & Drums

Creative Arts & crafts

Arts& crafts is the integral part of early helps children to improve their creativity, problem solving skill, self-confidence & brain exercise.

Here at academy we cater variety of fun & learning activities for kids like origami, clay modeling, coloring, sketching, pebble art, blow painting, stencil painting and many more which enhances kid’s mental ability.

Personality Development

Personality development classes fosters children’s positivity and self-confidence, leadership, inner resilience, public speaking, etiquettes and more.

Our expert trainers guide kids from age 5-16 year to develop overall personality by formulating very innovative and interactive sessions on communication skills, gaining self-confidence, self-analysis etc.