Short courses

Fashion & Textile Training programs

Eligibility: 10+2 | Duration: 3 Months

Fashion Pattern Drafting & Sewing

This course is designed to cover the foundational skills of pattern drafting using a ruler and paper, and give you the tools to take your ideas from fantasy to on the hanger. Rather than draping fabric on a form, flat patternmaking is the process of plotting measurements on paper and connecting them to create two-dimensional shapes that will translate into three-dimensional garments. It’s both challenging and enormously meditative, and can be the most fun you’ll have all season 1

The curriculum will be mostly covering different basic women’s& kid’swear drafts and their stitchingon original fabrics to test fit and finally the realistic mini collection of drafts they have learned throughout the course.

What you’ll learn:
• How to measure your body correctly for the most accurate fit.
• How to use basic patternmaking tools, including various styles of ruler, to create the assortment of lines for a wide range of pattern styles.
• How to plot bust, waist and hip points and smooth out the connecting lines to make the most flattering silhouette
• How to add volume to patterns and give them swish.
• How to create a flawless sleeve cap for great-fitting tops.
• How to add in seam allowances and hem allowances accurately and consistently.
• How to alter a basic pattern block into a wider variety of styles.
• How to sew up core styles with quick, professional techniques.

Fashion Pattern Draping & Sewing

This course will take you through the full draping process so you can start designing and constructing your own garments.

We’ll cover:
Preparation. Understanding the tools and materials you need to begin draping a garment.
Fabrics. How to go about choosing the right fabrics for a draped garment. Where to find them and what to look for.
Draping. How to pin and mark a muslin pattern on your dress form to create your initial shape.
Cutting & Fitting. How to cut a muslin pattern for your garment.
Final stitching & look. Finally, how to take your look from muslin to fabric for cutting and sewing.
In the Course learners will learn draping techniques specifically in women’s and kid’s wear and it will involve lot of fun and experimentation on designs aesthetics for the final look and at the end learners will be encouraged to create their own mini collection.

Arab Costume making

The Middle East is a variegated and colorful universe when it comes to clothes and attires for women. It is a complex reality where local traditions and Western fashion mix. While the latter has deeply influenced Arab countries, it is still possible to spot many traditional garments.

In this course learners will explore over different patterns on Abaya, hijab etc., where they can experiment and give new direction to Abaya designing and come out with extremely different and innovative designs. To make the realistic design they will explore history of traditional Arab costumes followed by pattern making and sewing techniques. Lastly, a set of mini collection of Arab costumes will be executed by the learners.

Hand Embroideries

This course is formulated especially for ladies who love to engage their self in learning new and interactive techniques like embroideries. Here all types of basic to advance stitches will be taught and in return the utility of such techniques will be implemented and showcase through usable product line.

It will be totally fun and interactive learning as faculties will use all source of updates modes to teach learners about latest fashion and trend in such techniques all over the world which will include live video, studio visit, professional workshops etc.

Knitting & crochet Basics

This course is all time favorite section of ladies life. The course is compiled in such way that learner can learn all creative methods and stitches involve in crochet and knitting.

Course involves in-depth study of variety yarns and stitches and encourages learners to come up with range of garments and accessories as a collection and boast their confidence to become a specialist.

Visual Merchandising

This course is designed as an introduction to the topic of Visual Merchandising providing practical information about how effective Visual Merchandising will increase sales and improve the overall image of a store.

The course includes:,
• Role of a Visual Merchandiser
• Understanding the importance of brand identity and the theory of Interior Visual Merchandising
• Dressing, understanding and styling for mannequins
• Up selling via window display
• Creating and installing small window schemes
• Practical workshop to design and create own window

Beginner’s sewing

This is the perfect sewing course for you if you are a complete beginner wishing to have a thorough introduction to using a sewing machine, learning different sewing techniques, understanding basic sewing patterns and learning basic cutting skills. This course consists of manyhour’s sessions in which you will be taken from the very basics of setting up and threading a sewing machine to making a simple A-line skirt to show off your newly acquired sewing skills by the end of it!

The Course will not only make learner confident about handling industrial machines but boast their confidence to complete selected projects professionally.

Advance sewing

This course is especially formulated to those who already know basic sewing at industrial and home potable includes more advance techniques, in-depth sewing methods for hi fashion garments, accessories, home furnishing will also include advance project, lots of experimentation on creative designs.

It will also involve techniques related to couture wear which will again enhance learner’s capacities to develop intense designs and collections.